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Jaenre is short for JApanese-ENglish-REsource. It is a reference tool to help English speakers to work with the Japanese language.

Jaenre Transliteration is based off the transliteration functionality that is used in the Jaenre desktop application.

Transliteration is the process of converting the sounds expressed in one character set into the sounds expressed by another character set. In the case of this app, it converts the sounds as expressed in the Roman (romaji) alphabet into sounds expressed by both the Hiragana and Katakana character sets.

Basic usage involves tapping on the upper text field on the Convert panel to bring up the keyboard. As one types, the conversion to the Japanese characters will occur in real time. Press the Done button to hide the keyboard input. Press and hold either the hiragana or katakana field to bring up the copy menu. Alter the selection bars and press Copy. Switch to another app. Press and hold on a text field to bring up the paste menu. Press the Paste button to insert the text.

Since this app converts sounds, notice that features like auto-correct and spell-checking are disabled.

There is a mapping panel to adjust how the romaji characters are converted.

Convert panel

The Convert panel consists of three text areas highlighted in the following image in red.

The top text field is for entering romaji letters. The middle text field is for showing hiragana characters. The bottom text field is for showing katakana characters.

Only the topmost text field is editable. Press on it to bring up the keyboard.

The text field is editable like any other text field. Notice that features like spell-checking and word-completion are disabled as this app is only trying to convert sounds.

Notice in the above image how "ts" is not converted to anything in the hiragana text field. This is because "ts" is not mapped to any hiragana. By typing "tsu" the conversion will result in a hiragana character.

To finish entering text, press the Done button on the keyboard.

Because the keyboard comes up from below the katakana text field is now clearly visible.

Press and hold on the text to bring up the copy control. Adjust the selection bars and press the Copy button. Now switch to another app and paste the text that was just copied.

Mapping panel

On the Mapping panel is an editable list of what romaji characters will lead to what Japanese characters.

Tap on a text field to bring up a text editor.

Press the return button to change the value.

This app doesn't force the text mappings to be unique. But if one romaji text sequence is used several times then the conversion behaviour is unspecified. For predictable results keep each value unique.

Now typing on the Convert panel will use the new mapping.

Note in the above that using "ee" is only an example.

There's a Reset to defaults button for setting all the mappings back to the factory settings.

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